Jackie Doe

Multi Instrumentalist, Composer and Teacher


Music has always been an important part of Jackie Doe's life, starting with piano lessons at the age of seven, followed by violin lessons when peripatetic music was introduced into Northamptonshire primary schools. The latter was never really her forte (as she complained that the violin, rather than her playing, was out of tune at the age of 10!) but it did however enable her to join the Northamptonshire Youth Orchestra followed by participation in the band Double Exposure during her studies at Bulmershe University. On learning the flute in her late twenties, Jackie wished this had been the instrument on offer all those years ago in Northampton instead of the violin! Music was Jackie's specialist subject at Bulmershe and she has been teaching music (primarily the piano and flute) to people of all ages and stages ever since.

Jackie discovered her love of the accordion a short while later. She was immediately hooked and has been writing for and performing on the instrument ever since. She first set up a duo with Sarah Luton, double bassist and artist, playing French music under the name of Paris Moon and tangos in the band Tango Select. Jackie's own compositions can be experienced in her band The Uncertainty of Passion with singer Anne De Lima.

On a completely different note, Jackie also discovered the delights of making stained glass after moving into a Victorian semi-detached house which had lost its original front door glass. This is probably not the best past time for a musician but the amazing variety of beautiful coloured glass is so tempting!

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